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i never listen to the radio

all my cds are at sarahs...
so im listing to the radio...
and i rarely do that, its crazzyness

woah i talked to Geoff the other day. he is this guy that used to work on kfma...but then he moved to chicago. and the crazy thing is he rememberd me...we didnt talk for to long thou.

my arm hurts...dont ask why cus i dont know.

sarah beat me and andru in BS yesterday...what a swell game! haha

im wearing my new clothes...well actually stephs old clothes...white pj pants that have pink stripes and a pink speggiti strap.

im tired

i miss the past

i wanna see The Red Shoes
and this one Judy Garland movie...but i dont remember wut its called...its when she was younger.

they are playing usher...on krq.
i like this song
its about breaking up...
and breaking up sucks

i had a bad dream.
it was the end of freshman year.
it was prom time.
brendon still lived here.
so steph and brendon were going with eachother
meg was going with sum kid named ben (no not my ben)
my ben was going with Bethany (the girl he likes)
so obviously he isnt my ben anymore
i was going with this guy Michael...
and sarah was going with sum kid Colby.
it was all really random.
we were all getting ready at my moms house.
and Ben (my ex) was in the shower so i knocked on the door and said can i come in to get something for my hair
and he yelled no
and i said screw u this is my house
so i flung the door open grabbed the hair straitner and stormed out. then he came out a couple minutes later and tried to make me jealous and went up to bethany and kissed her...for a long time. then i picked up the blow dryer and flung it at beths head. then i ran outta the room...slipped on water, fell on my butt in the kitchen and started sobbing. half becuase my butt hurt, but also cus ben was with beth. then ben walked into the kitchen and sat down next to me. he told me he is sorry that im getting so upset about this, but that I dumped him so he has to move on and i have to move on too. i looked into his eyes and asked if he really ment that and he slowly nodded, hugged me, then got up and walked back to where everyone was. i curled into a ball and cried. i woke up freezing and terrified.

i dont want beth and ben to get together. plus it will look funny...she is much taller than him.
oh well...
i HAVE to move on

sarah should be here soon...or something...

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