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sometimes i do think i <3 JJ

im sry that people are getting so worked up over this football crap!
like today dominik, nick, and nick were all nice about it and not all like u guys suck blah blah.

"WELL SUM PEOPLE ARE STUPIDDDDD" - haha sry it was tempting
(that was an inside joke...kinda)

ugh im so pissed rit now u have no idea...

yeah micha that "pothead" comment REALLLLY pissed me off
cus now that i go there i kno all that crap about all the druggies and rich people arnt tru.
i mean if they are rich its not like they flaunt it
and there is "potheads" everywhere


i hope we kick saharuos ass just to prove them wrong!
and if i loose freakin saharuo friends over this crap im gonna be so pissed.


ok now that im done fuming...
im almost done with HP 5...yay!

oh and i got my cd from chris today, its pretty good. hes a stud! i loved the glasses he was wearing today!

ugh i have to write a personal monolouge and i dunno wut to write it about...
should i write it about my parents divorcing?
my sister moving?
or something else......hmmmm i just dont kno!!

and i have a couple tests coming up....

SUCKS! haha

but its ok cus im loving school
loving life
LOVING being single...
thou i want to kno JJ...i would LOVE that too...lol

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