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ok so i watched the n for 3 1/2 hours. i dont get the channel at my house, so me and anna were at grammas and we watched it. they replay thier commericals OVER and OVER again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg...there is this thing. were u enter to fly to canda...you and 2 other people. and you can win a walk on part in degrassi and u meet the characters and such. that would be sooooooooo cool! i would DIE to go to somthing like that...i think sum people should enter with me and then take me if u win...that would be sooo super rad! im gonna enter too! yay yay

im soooo tired!

tomorrow im going to sals, around noonish. and brent and jenna are coming over. they are these people who i used to babysit for thier son. their son andrew is like 6 or 7 now, and their newest is like 1 or so now...and then jenna is pregnet! my gawsh! lol. and i havent seen these people in forever. im gonna get all back onto their good side. so they will go out more and CALLLLLLLLL MEEEEEEEEE! cus i neeeeed babysitting jobs.

well sarah and meg are leaving for florida early tomorrow morning. man o man, and i dont think they are getting back till the 17th :( but then on the 18th we are going tooooo MAKE WAVES! yay im soooooooooo excited! i cant wait to see Sonburn again! maybe i will talk to Cody, i have sum in-ter-es-ting stuff to tell him...haha.

ok well im getting tired and i wanna look cute and mature tomorrow (haha) so i need sleeeeeeeep


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